Slow TV is an up and coming movie making genre, it's easy to mistake it for boring, but the attraction is found in the lack of action as it contrasts heavily with regular loud and flashy entertainment. It's a reactionary movements of sorts and whether people enjoy watching it or not, I enjoy making it very much.

Scheveningen 31-08-2016

Just a short impression of the sights and sounds at Scheveningen beach on a beautiful day.

Samsung washer in action

SAMSUNG WF70F5E0Q4W/EN Eco Bubble Sound is low quality recording, it's actually a lot less noisy in real life. Opening and closing music is included in this vid.

Boiling eggs on a sunday afternoon (the 'short' version)

The process of boiling eggs from beginning to end, after six minutes of actual cooking time the eggs are mostly solid, but with a delicious liquid core. If you wish you can follow this link for the longer version:

Sharpening 20 Pencils

Some guy (me) sharpening 20 pencils in a row. They were made by 'United Office' in case you were wondering.

Steaming Hot Spider Mating

Just a raunchy little spider love making session that caught my eye the other day. As far as I could tell these two are of the species Araneus Diadematus.

Rotterdam Zoo (Blijdorp)

Dutch Train Ride 10-06-2016