Below is a collection of video's I made that fall in the category of compilations, mashups or supercuts. At times it can be quite challenging to make this content available since YouTube has automated copyright filters. This means that eventhough you use audio and video in such a way that it's transformative, and thus falls under 'fair use', and eventhough it's just for shits and giggles, you still get strikes, flags and blocks. As a creator I mostly support the need for copyright protection etc, but I do feel things have gotten a bit out of hand over the past decade.

We Are The Dining

Man escapes from court after being sentenced to three years in prison (with audio)

Doctor Bashir is feeling frisky

Misrepresenting Alex Jones - #JonesvKelly

Just a bit of fun in the old infowar. Based on the Infowars podcast of the 18th of june 2017

Captain America goes zip lining

Made this in 2012, first published in 2017

Geert Wilders zegt altijd netjes u tegen Mark Rutte

Kid gets messed up for randomly hitting people!

So this guy starts randomly hitting boys and girls and then some tough guy dishes out some justice :P

Uit Eigen Keuken

In deze aflevering laat Hugo Kennis zien hoe je binnen 5 seconden een heerlijke maaltijd maakt...

Lost - Sawyer Got Hurt

That poor guy :(


Made back in 2005 using Flash it's an alternative way of learning your ABC's.

Game Of Thrones - The Spoils Of Turbo, Turbo!

The 1 Hour Batman Challenge!